How Money Works for Small Businesses
in Canada

Are you planning to start a business or are you are a small business owner?
Are you struggling to be profitable? 

Are you overwhelmed by all the compliance requirements?

Hi, I'm Gabrielle. I'm a CPA, Tax Expert, and Founder of Accounting Firm, Balance and Wealth CPA 

Every business owner needs to understand the fundamentals of finances to grow a profitable business. 

After consulting several small businesses in Canada and understanding common questions they have, I decided to create an online program to help small business owners.

A Starter Pack of everything you need to know to be a successful business owner - topics include:
  • What business structure are available and what works best for your business (ie. sole proprietor, corporation, partnership)

  • How to know when to incorporate your business

  • How to register your business with various federal and provincial bodies.

  • Basics of bookkeeping (plus free templates and my favorite resources that can save you time and money)

  • How to analyze your income and expenses

  • How to read financial statements

  • How to keep on top of compliance requirements such as GST/HST, tax returns (ie. T1, T2125, T2), and tax slips (ie. T5, T4)

  • How to plan to minimize your tax liability by taking advantage of various tax deductions available to you

  • Difference between paying yourself a salary vs. dividend

  • Basic tax planning concepts.

By educating yourself on the responsibilities of a business owner, you will be ahead of the game compared to your peers and competitors by:
  1. Identifying problems even before they become problems.

  2. Saving countless hours of frustration and wasted time on inefficiencies trying to figure out things on your own.

  3. Saving $100s to $1000s of dollars on professional fees (a CPA can cost you $200/hour)

  4. Avoiding penalties by being on top of your compliance requirements.

  5. Being educated from a CPA and Tax Expert. 

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