Fee Schedule

T1 Personal Tax Returns

Starting from $200

Dependent on:

  • Number of Tax Slips

  • Calculation of non-refundable credits

  • Capital Gains/Loss calculations

  • Rental Income

  • Sale of Real Estate

  • Disposition of Principal Residence

  • Employment Expenses

  • Moving Expenses

  • Foreign Tax Credit

  • Foreign Income Verification Statement

  • Immigration/Emigration

T2 Corporate Tax Returns

Starting from $1,500 

Dependent on:

  • Level of bookkeeping in place

  • Calculation of Tax Adjustments to Accounting Income

  • Total Schedules prepared

  • Dividends received/paid

  • Capital gains/losses

  • Capital Cost Allowance

  • Foreign Income

  • Additional calculations required

  • Preparation of T4 and T5 slips

Tax Planning Memo

Starting from $1,500 


  • Tax Advice Memo & Extended Review Meeting (40 min)

  • Review of client's current tax situation based on key documents received

  • Fact finding session with client to verify client's specific circumstances & tax goals (40 min)

  • Research conducted required to address client specific tax concerns (per tax issue)

  • Application of client facts to research conducted to address client's applicability (per tax issue)

  • Recommendation/Conclusion provided based on analysis

  • Calculations required based on client's past transactions or hypothetical scenarios (per tax computation)

  • Implementation steps provided based on analysis

T1 & T2125 Statement of Business & Professional Activities

Starting from $500

Dependent on:

  • Everything in T1

  • Number of Businesses

  • Home office calculations

  • Vehicle expense calculations

  • Capital property 

  • GST/HST Return

  • Level of bookkeeping in place


Starting from $400/month 

Dependent on:

  • Level of bookkeeping in place

  • Number of reconciliations required for bank & credit card statements

  • Number of reconciliation of accounts receivable and payable

  • Number of reports required

Additional Fee for:

  • Initial onboarding of accounts

  • Clean up of past bookkeeping

  • Backlog of past bookkeeping

Consulting Call

$300 / 30 min Meeting


  • Discovery Call to identify main concern & receive key documents

  • Review of relevant documents & analyzing information (up to 1 hour)

  • Conduct rudimentary research 

  • 30 min Meeting to communicate findings and address main concern

Ad-Hoc Consulting Services

$195 / hour


  • Follow-up meetings

  • Specific calculations & analysis

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